In Times of Rain

In Times of Rain



90 minute Drama Film

Mexico / Spanish & Mixtec Spoken/ Colour

Expected Release: 2018

Directed by Itandehui Jansen

Written by Armando Bautista García

Produced by Mauro Mueller, David Figueroa, Laura Pino & Armando Bautista García

Production Companies: Fidelio Films & Lista Calista Films












José, a young Indigenous boy, finds himself torn between living a traditional life in his rural community with his grandmother, or joining his mother in Mexico City

Cast: Ángeles Cruz, Alejandra Herrera,

Harold Torres, Noé Hernández, Myriam Bravo, Baltimore Beltran, Pedro Hernández.


Cinematography: Iwao Kawasaki

Editor: Macarena Sierra

Sound Design: Marcin Knyziak

Music: Enrica Sciandrone

Art: Paula Hopf


Production Companies:

Fidelio Films & Lista Calista Films


With the support of:

European Research Council, Leiden University, FONCA, Edinburgh University, Universidad de la Comunicación