Previous Projects

Short Films & Documentaries

Lista Calista Films been making documentaries and short films in Mexico, the Netherlands, the UK and Italy.

Several of these films have screened at international film festivals and won awards.

Below an overview of some of our previous work.

Many films are available to view on Vimeo.

Lista Calista Films 

Previous Projects

The Last Council

Mexico 2012/ Mixtec & Spanish spoken/ 12 minute fiction

Synopsis: The elders in an Indigenous town pass their leadership on

to a younger generation. After the ceremony the treasury is

empty, leaving all to wonder who stole the money.

Awards:  Best Short Film at the Rodando Film Festival, Emerging Talent Award ImagineNative 2013, Nomination to the Mexican Film Critics Award Diosa de Plata 2013.

Alma & Esperanza

Mexico 2012/ Mixtec & Spanish spoken/ 17 minute fiction

Synopsis: ALMA & ESPERANZA is the story of a girl and her grandmother who meet in a moment of grief. Alma is a ten-year old girl living in the US. Esperanza is her 75-year old grandmother living in an indigenous community in the Mexican mountains. They have never met, but with one devastating phone call, Alma will have to travel to her grandmother's village.

Awards: Best Short Film at the Bluestocking Film Series 2015


Netherlands 2014/ Dutch/ 14 minute documentary

Synopsis: What is it like for a teenager to live with Diabetes Type 1.


Mexico 2015/ Mixtec Spoken/ 20 minute documentary

Synopsis: The elder couple Erasmo and Esperanza continue to lead a traditional life style in rural Mexico. When one takes a living being for consumption, one has to ask for permission first. That is the way of the ancestors.


Netherlands 2015/ Dutch/ 14 minute fiction

Synopsis: After a fight with her mother, Sophie runs away from home. Different encounters help her find her way back.