In Times of Rain

In Times of Rain

90 minute Drama Film

Mexico / Spanish & Mixtec Spoken/ Colour

Release: 2018

Directed by Itandehui Jansen

Written by Armando Bautista García

Produced by Armando Bautista García & Mauro Mueller, David Figueroa, Laura Pino

Production Companies: Lista Calista Films, Leiden University and Fidelio Films


A powerful story of economic migration between rural and urban Mexico. Soledad is a matriarch and traditional healer whose daughter Adele left their village to work in Mexico City leaving behind her infant son. Years later, Soledad and her grandson Jose share a strong bond rooted in their love of culture and land. As she continues to pass on her knowledge and teachings to him, she receives an unexpected call that her daughter is getting married and intends for Jose to join them in the city. Fearing an uncertain future for them both, Soledad struggles to cope with her impending heartbreak as she awaits her daughter’s return.